Why a sports tour?

A sports tour is not a package tour, nor is it a holiday.  It is a special experience, perhaps even unique.

A chance to play at unbelievable venues A chance to make friends for life

A sports tour allows players to visit different countries, staying in family homes; to understand more of the country’s culture than they would in a hotel; to see and experience things that ordinary tourists would not.

A sports tour gives individuals the opportunity to contribute, compete, and be fully part of a team; to physically challenge themselves against determined opposition; to experience the highs and the lows; disappointments and achievements; to aspire, inspire as well as to enjoy.

It’s this mix that allows young people to grow, develop and mature. For many, it may be the only time they are able to represent their country on an international stage.

A successful sports tour can be the experience of a lifetime – make sure you choose a partner with a lifetime of experience!

You may be interested in the words of a visionary Headmaster who believed in the wider benefits of a sports tour.  Alan Tammage, Headmaster Sevenoaks School, wrote the following piece in 1979 before the school made the first UK “Round the World Rugby Tour”…

It is scarcely necessary to argue the benefit of an overseas tour to the lucky ones who take part in it. A tour enlarges experience and extends acquaintance. It colours the thinking of young people who will be adults in a shrinking world whose inhabitants will become more and more independent, but also inter-dependent. There is much profit in learning to live in harmony with 20+ others in varied and often uncomfortable circumstances. The succession of well-intentioned hosts will ask similar, sometimes impertinent questions, over and over again. These have to be dealt with courteously and informatively, no matter what state of mind or emotional state you are in personally. In each match, the prestige of the school, even of the country is at stake. Win or lose it is the way in which the match is played that will be remembered. Members of the tour party are always “on duty”.

For those who argue that all publicity is good publicity the benefit of such a tour to the school is equally obvious. Though I am not one of these, publicity about a school which plans something exciting is good whether that something is academic, sporting or anything else, for it touches everyone’s imagination.

Our experience of tours shows that the whole school community, students, staff, parents, governors, alumni can and do become caught up in the activity. And at the end, there is a sense of achievement which spreads far beyond the school into the town and into the country.

It is principally for these reasons that this tour has my blessing and my warmest wishes for success.

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