Europe is a widely varied and often spectacular continent, right on the UK’s doorstep, offering a range of opportunities for almost all sports.

I am reminded of a very good and well travelled friend I have in Australia who, in the midst of a discussion about travel, said to me “you are so lucky to be able to travel such short distances and be in quite different landscapes and cultures.”

While European destinations may not, at first, appear to be as exciting as the glories of Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Sydney, New York, or maybe the Rockies of Canada, that is not a view I would hold.

Many European destinations provide just as much spectacle and excitement, at far lower cost, than those further afield.  No one who has visited and seen Rome in all its splendour, Prague which is truly spectacular, Paris, Amsterdam or Venice, can ever honestly say that these cities are not the equal of many long haul destinations.

Intoursport understands the sports culture of most European countries, and has an excellent network of contacts and associates who appreciate the game and organise in the same way as ourselves.

Let Intoursport create a European sports tour for your team.

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