The Intoursport Sports Tour

Intoursport World Travel is differentWe begin by listening to your aims and looking at the tour through the eyes of a teacher and a coach.

Sport must be the first priority, so the level and the mix of fixtures is crucial, as is the number of matches you play. We arrange all the fixtures against carefully matched opposition to ensure challenging games without embarrassing mismatches.

Success being one of a tour€™s objectives, correct match preparation, practice and training is vital, especially at the start of the tour. These activities need to be planned to take into account venues, facilities and equipment.  We like to accommodate the tour party in hotels adjacent to practice facilities or in sports centres. We try to arrange practices at the beginning of a day – so that, the work done, the tour party can enjoy themselves.

Your itinerary should be logical so we try to plan tours which travel either in a straight line, the same direction, or in a circular route. Sightseeing is an important element, but it should never supersede sport, the core of a tour. Wherever possible sightseeing should be a mix of €˜fun & relaxation€™ and culture – never all one, or the other.

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