Tour Managers how we can help

Intoursport Tour Managers GuideWe give Tour Managers the support they need from the moment the tour is agreed, to the time the tour returns. However, we never forget that this your tour and not ours!

From the outset you will have a specific member of the Intoursport team allocated to you. After listening to your aims, they will   organise your tour for you according to your requirements, remaining in contact with you throughout the process.

Intoursport will organise the tour according to your needs and wishes – travel, accommodation, fixtures. Regular ‘updates’ from us will maintain your role within the partnership and keep you up to speed.

We know from our own experience how much a Tour Manager has to do to ensure the tour departs, so we’€™ll constantly be on hand to help.  We’€™ll issue a series of booklets at precise stages throughout the planning of your tour which add great support and value.


Intoursport support for Tour Managers

At Beginning:

THE TOUR MANAGER’S GUIDE – detailed guide to decision making through to departure.

THE FUNDRAISING GUIDE – information based on successful previous fundraising activities.

2-3 Months before departure

THE TOUR MANAGER’S €˜EARLY BRIEF€™ – essential information required over the last few months.

4-6 weeks before Departure

THE SIGHTSEEING GUIIDE – Specific information about the locations of your tour.

FINAL TOUR GUIDE AND ITINERARY – A 20+ pp small booklet, supplied to each member of the tour party and their family, detailing the day by day, hour by hour, itinerary agreed by everyone involved with the tour, enabling everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet.


THE TOUR MANAGER’€™S SILVER FILE – The Tour Manager’€™s Final Brief is written by some one who understands what a Tour Manager needs to know every day of the tour. The Silver File contains information about your Travel, Sport, Safety/Security and Locations.


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